Scanning Services


Yes, that kind of scanning.  Seriously. 


We know... you thought you were the only one left that still had boxes of photos, documents and files, but you're not alone.  We're here to help. After all, our original name was Dimensions in Scanning and Conversions. We admit it, we did stop advertising our scanning services for a while, but the requests kept coming in, so it's back.

What do we scan?  Newsletters, reports, presentations, training materials, photos, old accounting files... the works.  Why do we scan?  To put everything in a nice, neat PDF format to make it easy for you to search and access, without having to dig through boxes or file cabinets.  With PDF programming, Disc, Inc. can take all of your old company newsletters and set up an index with bookmarking and linking to make them easily archived.  Have old photos that you'd like to have in a digital format?  Bring them in!  We can scan them in and put them on electronic media or create a "discmento" to celebrate special events and occasions.

For your scanning needs, call Disc, Inc. today at 800.580.DISC or email us at