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Disc, Inc. USB thumb drive

Disc, Inc. USB thumb drive

USB/Flash Drives: If you need 50 or 5000, we have a huge selection of USB drives in our catalog.  If you can't find what you are looking for we can create custom drives too,  and as always printing is free.
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CD/DVD Duplication and Replication: Whether you need 1 copy of 100 masters or 1000 copies of 1 master no job is too big or too small.  Need 1000 for a show tomorrow?  No Problem!  We are here to help with many choices to fit your exact needs.
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Data Recovery: In times of trouble you can always count on us. We work to retrieve your lost photos, documents, and data from your hard drive, USB, or digital memory card that has failed.  Evaluations are free so, no data no charge.
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Video Transfers: Do you have precious memories trapped on 8mm, VHS or Beta tapes you can no longer view? Let us transfer them to DVDs or MP4s so you can easily enjoy and share them.
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Photo and Slide Scanning: Photo scanning has long been one of our specialties. Hand scanned never sheet fed all photos (600dpi) and slides (2400dpi) are rotated to proper horizontal or vertical alignment.
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Discmetos: Turn your photos into a slide show video with background music. It’s a fun way to share your photos with family and friends.
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Document Scanning: PDF and ePub are quickly becoming the standard for storing documents.  Interlinking searchable PDF or ePub we can help you with your ePublishing needs and get your documents into that perfect format for your organization.
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Media Conversion: Over the years we have been known for our media conversions.  We can read and write thousands of tape, disk, and cartridge formats.  Don't know what your client sent you? Check our Media Types and match it up.
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BLOG: We have had other post about preserving your family history through scanning all of your old photographs.  There are many possibilities for sharing the photos once you have your digital copy. Sharing through social media is always a great way to send your friends and family these captured moments in time.  Read More....


#ScanTipTuesday: When cleaning the glass on the scanner use a soft dry cloth or slightly damp cloth. Be sure to use only water, no ammonia or isopropyl alcohol because it may leave streaks on the glass.